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Surveys have shown that the 4 biggest concerns of Business Owners are:

And it's not hard to understand why

3 out of the 4 are directly related to business finances which are, of course, fundamental to the success of a business. The fourth, Compliance, has an indirect impact as non-compliance can have a serious detriment to business financial health.

Did You Know.....that around 82% of businesses fail due to cashflow problems?

How BizEnhanz Can Help

BizEnhanz are specialists in business credit management which can help businesses resolve these 4 issues in the following ways:

Profitable Customers – having a business relationship with financially compromised customers can be risky. Understand how Risk Management can identify those customers and allow you to implement strategies to protect yourself

Compliance – the core piece legislation for businesses supplying goods on credit is the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA). In PPSA Advisory found out about how this impacts your business

Cashflow – sometimes customers just don’t pay. This can be expensive, not just in terms of taking steps to recover what is yours in the first place, but in replacing the lost cash. The Debt Collection Unit can help you put in place good internal processes to maximise returns and minimise cost

Interest Rates – businesses are sensitive to rising interest rates as it’s not always easy for a business to be able to pass on this cost. So maximising your own business cashflow is a way to reduce reliance on external financing. The Credit Reporting Unit can advise on how to do this by accurately assessing customer risk

BizEnhanz has 4 business units that work together to mitigate the risk of these issues compromising your business

Risk Management Unit

Undertakes a comprehensive review of your customer ledger, security and contract status detailing at-risk customers and options for preventing future payment defaults

Credit Reporting Unit

Order discounted Commercial & Consumer credit reports here. Advice on which bureau report is appropriate to your business when assessing the risk profile of a credit customer

PPSA Advisory

If you supply goods on credit you need to have robust Personal Property Securities Act procedures in place or risk losing out in an insolvency. This Unit simplifies for you a rather complex piece of legislation

Debt Collection Unit

There are always occasions where despite your best efforts some credit customers either will not or cannot pay you. Receive expert advice on collection options and recommendations based on your circumstances

Businesses tend to assume that all invoices will be paid on time and in full. The truth is you have to work very hard to even get close to that figure, and you’re going to need expert help to achieve it.

Nick Gilbertson
Director, Bizenhanz